Who is behind IQ?

IQ is the brainchild of Clive Bayley who has 25+ years’ experience in the telecoms arena, as well as huge experience in Music, Fashion and product design.  Notable endeavours are The Screwball Glass ( you know the one with the curly straw wrapped around it), in music the band Mabel Greer’s Toyshop (the precursor to YES ,UKs No1 Prog Rock Band), The Click nightclubs in Chelsea, Straight Lines design company New York , Ancient Greetings a greeting  card publishing company and in Fashion ,Breed Jeans …to name but a few! 

Clive created Fonehouse a leading Mobile Phone Retailer when returning from the United States that has provided hundreds of thousands of phone contracts and handsets to customers all over the UK.  Recently he sold the Fonehouse part of the business to concentrate on growing the areas that he is most passionate about; IQ, Techhouse and the Business to business division.   

Techhouse is the sister company to IQ and specialises in Smart Home, Phone and tablet repairs and all thing things Tech!  There are 4 Techhouse stores around the south east in premier locations, as well as online at www.TechHouse.com.  Recently Techhouse won the award of “Best Repair Service” at the Mobile Choice Awards.  This show the dedication to our customers and the service we provide.

The Business to Business division has over 10,000 clients and the base is growing rapidly.

Why IQ:

Plenty of new networks about so why IQ

Well through our store groups and activities  over the last 24 years we already have thousands of customers whom we have supplied airtime contracts and handsets too, so we really know our business and what makes for a good network to sign up with.

Distilling what we have learnt, we came up with IQ , the intelligent Network. This runs on the EE platform so coverage is the best in UK.

We want to make life easy for our customers hence allowing easy change of tariffs (up or down) to give complete control.

We have taken the plunge , in a crowded market, however we believe in what we are doing and our intentions are good….

We are a bunch of friendly motivated industry professionals who have decided to have a go and “do it our way”..( yes we are a bit musical )

We will surely  be tweaking and adding to the service with innovative ideas as we go along and we are keen on maintaining a friendly, well served user group, i.e. the important bit, you the customer….

This will be great as with our sister company Techhouse, focussing of the Smart home space and our Techhouse Repairs (Winner 2017 Best repairer in UK), we can offer our customers some amazingly hot deals when they want to engage with this new Technology

I hope you join us in this adventure…we of course really want your business…we will do all we can to make it a solid, respectful and helpful service for you. 

Help us grow this vision

All the best