Terms & Conditions

Pay Monthly (SIM only): Terms & Conditions

If you would like these Terms and Conditions in large print, please call our customer service department on 01158 525 343.

Part 1 - General

In these Terms and Conditions we refer to IQ Mobile as “us”, “we” or “our” and we refer to you as “you” and “your”. When we refer to our “Service” or “Services”, we mean the pay monthly services that you have asked us to provide to you.

IQ Mobile is a trading name of TechHouse Communications Limited whose registered address is Genoa House, Juniper Drive, Battersea Reach, London SW18 1FY Your agreement with us includes the following documents:

  • (a) this document (“Terms and Conditions”);
  • (b) the contract you signed in store or online (“Contract”);
  • (c) the latest list of our charges (as defined below) for the Service (“Price List”);
  • (d) our latest policy setting out how we collect and use your personal information (“Privacy Policy”); and
  • (e) the fair use guidelines and standard of conduct we have set for the use of the Services (“Fair Use Policy”).

You can find our Price List, Privacy Policy and Fair Use Policy on our website at www.helloiq.co.uk or you can obtain copies by contacting our customer services team on 01158 525 343.


This agreement covers the SIM card and any minutes, texts, data or other services we provide to you. The price plan you chose will set out an allowance for inclusive

minutes, texts and data. All minutes, texts, data or other services that are not inclusive in your price plan will be charged at the standard rates set out in the Price List. Your inclusive minutes and texts are for calls and texts to UK landlines which start with the prefix 01,02, 03, and UK mobile networks and using our voicemail services in the UK. Your inclusive texts do not include short-code texts to other services.

Your inclusive texts are for person to person texts and do not include text message delivery notifications. Your inclusive mobile internet browsing is subject to the price plan that you choose. None of our price plans include peer to peer file sharing and may not include using your mobile phone as a modem. Mobile internet browsing applies within the UK only. Any use when you are abroad will be charged at the relevant international rate set out in the Price List.

This agreement does not cover any mobile equipment (e.g. mobile phone, laptop or other equipment and the SIM card) that you use to access our services. You will be responsible for the mobile equipment that you use, including confirming that the mobile equipment that you use is able to be used in connection with our Ser- vices. If you lose your mobile equipment or if it gets stolen, we will not be responsible for any call or usage charges that are made. You must tell us as soon as your mobile equipment has been lost or stolen so that we can deactivate the SIM card and stop further calls being made.

How you can contact us

If you need to contact us, you can call us on 01158 525 343 or 500 on your IQ Mobile sim. Our customer services department is open between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday. The Charges for your call will be as set out in the Price List.


Pay Monthly tariffs for IQ customers will be adjusted every year in March by the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation announced in February that year.


We can only provide you with the Services if you have

  • (a) completed the Contract for “Pay Monthly Services”
  • (b) set up a valid direct debit to pay us for the Services; and (c) made the initial payment that is specified in the price plan you choose for our Pay Monthly Services, usually the equivalent of one month’s line rental
  • (c) made the initial payment that is specified in the price plan you choose for our Pay Monthly Services, usually the equivalent of one month’s line rental.

The Contract will start from the date that your SIM card is activated.