Intelligent Convergence

Combining your mobile and fixed line services under a single joined up supplier solution will not only increase your productivity but also help reduce cost. Increase your customers experience by ensuring you are always available on either of your published numbers or fully embrace the possibilities and change to a single number for all.


Mobile phones have never been as important as they are today. Many businesses have enabled increased productivity of their employees by allowing them access to important business files on the move. The next evolution of mobile working and further increases in productivity is through the ability to seamlessly integrate your mobile devices into your business critical services such as your phone system.


IQ convergence integrates your mobile devices with the IQ hosted VoIP service, bringing your mobile, landline and desktop communications together allows your users and customers to access the tools which matter most regardless of their location. Improve responsiveness and availability of staff through our world class hosted IP PBX.

Your mobile users will retain access to all service features whilst out of the office or away from their desk such as Hunt Groups, call recording, etc…

Make and take calls to your office number without digging into a data bundle and with no requirement for an app. By making your device the primary dialler, control is easy, service is cost effective, any mobile can be used, and there’s no impact on battery life.?

Users can now present their business number from their mobile device. Calls are statistically more likely to be answered if a geographical number is presented.

Record calls across all your devices whether in the office or on the move, making sure that training, quality assurance and compliance needs don’t hold your staff back.

Never miss an important voicemail again. IQ convergence synchronises your fixed and mobile service, allowing your users to access and respond to their messages from any location, using any device.